Importance of College

Is college necessary for you?

One of the questions nearly all high school students ask themselves is “Is college necessary for me?” The answer depends on many different factors, but in most cases is a resounding “yes!” In this article we will be going through the pros and cons of going to college to help you decide whether it is for you. Everyone is different and will have different aims and goals, but in general getting a college education will open up many opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible with just a high school education.

When asking if college is necessary, only the student themselves will be able to know whether it is for them or not. However to help decide it is important to know what can be gained through having a college education.

Is college necessary? The Pros and Cons


  • A wide range of options opened up to the student in the workplace. The global economy is becoming much more competitive with many more people now getting higher education.
  • Gain a qualification that will secure the students future. The college education students receive will stand them in good stead for jobs for the rest of your life.
  • A better chance to make more money in the long term. Going to college is investing in the students own future.
  • College helps to create a well rounded person with better social and academic skills. Students will meet many new people and contacts while at college.


  • College has become more expensive than it used to be. However there are many payment plans that can help students cope with the financial burden.
  • Not the chance to earn instant money after coming out of high school. Many students are tempted by a good wage when they come out of high school, but in most cases someone who has been to college will earn a lot more in the long term.

Why college is necessary

It’s important that the money side of college does not put potential students off. While getting a college education is expensive in today’s world, the financial gains in the future due to higher paying jobs will almost certainly make up for this. Think of paying for your college education as investing in your future.

When deciding if college education is required the student must weight up all these factors as well as other more personal reasons. Going to college allows a student to become an expert in their chosen field, and this doesn’t have to be in the typical academic subjects but also in art, media and sports.

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