Importance of College

Statistics On College Graduates

By going to college, graduates open up many more opportunities in the workplace that they wouldn’t have had with just a high school education. While the financial burden of going to college is high on students, the overwhelming majority will see a huge return on their investment which makes going to college more than worthwhile. Statistics for college graduates change regularly each year, as well as the cost of getting a college education. The costs associated with getting a college education have increased greatly in recent years, but students nearly always still see a positive return on investment.

It is well known the on average the extra earnings a college graduate will receive far outweighs the tuition fees and all the other costs. There are so many schemes around today that help students shoulder the financial strain also means prices are often a lot lower than advertised.

Statistics on college graduates according to the Census Bureau

On average according to the Census Bureau, the statistics for college graduates compared with other education levels are as follows.

  • During an adults working lifetime:

  • High school graduates - $1.2 million

  • Bachelors degree holders - $2.1 million

As you can see, on average college graduates earn around double the amount as high school graduates, again showing the advantage of getting a Bachelors degree.

Other reasons for going to college apart from financial statistics

Other benefits of going to college that don’t necessarily show up in the earning statistics are the experience students who attend college gain. People who go on to do higher education tend to be healthier and a generally more rounded person than someone who has just got a high school education.

For students coming from a less wealthy background the large cost of going to college can seem daunting for themselves and their family. The statistics for college graduates do clearly show that investing in the students own future can pay off dividends in the future, both in monetary value and in social skills and pleasure.

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